the LG Optimus


LG have invested a lot of time in there newest Android smartphone; the LG Optimus. The phone utilises an easy to use interface with an Android platform which delivers a number of Google goodies including a bunch of online aspects. LG have manufactured the device to support a full digital camera system, music player and FM radio. The Optimus has a 3.0 inch HVGA touch screen which is equipped with resistive touch technology.

The phone has a high quality, plastic casing which is very durable and the metallic finish gives it a modernized look. The screen technology includes a built-in accelerometer for auto rotation; this feature is in place so users can take advantage of the on-screen keyboard. When in landscape mode you will find the palms of your hands neatly tucked into the small alcoves shaped into the phones casing; this makes for ultimate comfort when typing out long messages or if you are having pro-longed live conversations via the IM client.


The LG Optimus comes fully equipped for web browsing with both 3G and Wi Fi connectivity; there is a full web browser which supplies users with standard browsing functionality with simple controls for zooming and scrolling. The application based interface has been set up with dedicated Facebook and Twitter compatibility; related social network contacts are integrated with your phonebook so there status updates and recent tweets can be seen from the contacts list.

The playful interface lets you choose your home screen with an Android alternative to LG’s standard option. The LG home screen allows for icon customization, letting you access messaging and multimedia applications directly. The Android Market has been made available from the Optimus, from here you can download multiple apps to build a grand collection and enrich your overall experience. A number of key Google features have also fund themselves supporting the user in various fields including navigation with Google Maps and media with YouTube.

The snap happy users will be mildly satisfied by the 3MP effort LG have come up with; it will handle day-to-day snaps and video recording to a reasonable standard. The HVGA screen does a fair job of displaying your work and you can share it with friends by uploading it to your social networks and YouTube. the music player can handle multiple file types, as can the video player and while both sound and visual quality aren’t anything to write home about, they are good enough considering the small price tag LG have given it. The LG Optimus is equipped with a microSD slot which can handle upgrades peaking at 32GB, Bluetooth lets you share content wirelessly with compatible devices and the microUSB connection allows for PC synchronization.

The LG Optimus is a mid-ranged Android smartphone rich in features and gadgets. It performs well in the online and messaging fields and it has ample support for entertainment and media with a digital camera and media player. Though the phone has alot of competition in this section of the market, its affordability and good looks will draw attention while the user friendly interface and application rich menu system will see its popularity rise before the end of the year.

LG Optimus 3D_3

The LG Optimus One is a new smartphone featuring the Android operating system, digital camera, and touchscreen navigation. It is perfect for those who are looking for smartphone features on a budget as this is a handset which won’t break the bank.

The handset measures 11. 5x 59 x 13.3 mm, and weighs in at 129 grams. Therefore it is a lightweight and relatively compact device making it pocket friendly. The 3.2 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen is able to display up to 256K colours within the confines of it s pixel layout of 320x 480. This makes for great display quality of the on screen imagery. There is a built in proximity sensor as well as accelerometer sensor, the latter of which automatically rotates the contents of the user interface based on the angle at which the phone is held.

170MB of available internal storage spec is available within the LG Optimus One. However further storage is available in the form of a micro SD card slot. This has a 2GB card already installed; however it is able to accommodate a card of up to 32GB. Therefore, users can easily store their digital music collection on their phone along with any other files such as videos or photos.

Class 10 versions of both EDGE and GPRS keep the LG Optimus One connected to cellular networks at all times, whilst internet access is initially provided via 3G coverage. This is courtesy of an HSDPA connection which provides speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. Wi-Fi offers an alternative method of internet connection, by taking advantage of the signals emitted by local wireless internet routers. This makes for a faster and more reliable internet connection. Additionally, Bluetooth and micro USB finish off the package of connectivity features.


The LG Optimus One is an effective camera phone. It comes with a 3.15 megapixel unit which has a high operating pixel resolution, resulting in clear, sharp images. Autofocus, face & smile detection and beauty shot mode are all included to instantly improve the quality of still images. As an added bonus, users can also shoot video in VGA quality at 18 frames per second.

The operating system of choice is Android 2.2 Froyo (upgradeable to later versions), which works in conjunction with a 600 MHz Qualcomm processor. These combine to create a fast user experience and a versatile user interface. Additional apps can be downloaded from the Android Market, infinitely increasing the potential of the phone on terms of productivity and entertainment. Social networking integration along with multimedia applications are all included as standard.

The versatility of the LG Optimus One puts it on the same level as many more expensive Android smartphones, making it an ideal alternative for those on a budget but do not want to sacrifice features.

iPhone And Android Mobile Applications For Educational Purposes


The phase of education is fast changing in the present days, and the emerging of various iPhone Apps and Android Apps has led to more sophisticated mobile application development completely changing the conventional way of education. With the advent of personal computers, the computing technology has played an important role in the field of education. From the early part of 1980s many of the educational apps that could be installed on a personal computers began emerging and the education system started to charge towards more computer oriented and technology centric system rather than the conventional book and pen method of learning.


In the present days with the mobile revolution taking place everywhere schools and children are not left behind. The mobile application development is making the education take new face. And now, textbooks are slowly being replaced by eBooks that allow students to study using their laptop or home computer. Many new mobile apps are developed for the simple hand-held devices and these are adding new dimensions to the education now. With many mobile apps available especially for education now it is possible to make the schools completely book free. The digital form of books and applications used in these education apps meant for educating kids has many advantages like less cost, ability to update easily etc.

Mobile phones are fast changing everything in our lives and out kid’s education is also taking a complete change with the introduction of many smart phones of today like the iPhone and the Android powered phones. These smart phones have enormous amounts of iPhone Apps and Android Apps developed for education and these are being used by millions of people around the globe as very effective educational tools. For information on mobile apps visit and Thousands of education apps developed in the iPhone Apps is being available on the Internet that can be easily downloaded to your iPhone and can be used for educating your children. Even some of the schools have begun including the education tools available through Android Apps.

Even if the school is not on the cutting edge of technology it is possible for you to give your child a technological head start with an iPhone or an Android powered smart phone. Likewise the availability of tablet PCs are also contributing to the mobile application development for educational purposes. The most modern devices like the iPhone and iPad offer a wide variety of apps for education and your kids can take their learning wherever they go. The iPhone Apps and Android Apps for education are covering many topics in Science and Technology, Math, and English and many more education Apps are being developed everyday for the benefit of the children.


There are many education apps available in the iPhone Apps and Android Apps that are created with multimedia and other latest learning aids that make it possible for the children to learn new concepts easily in an audio- visual environment. These mobile application development are aimed at giving the children the best form of learning experience that help them absorb things more easily and move on to the next stage of learning without waiting for their teachers to teach them. Whether you are young or old, toddler or teen, these modern smart phone and the technology behind them have made it possible to make the education from just fun and games to become the repositories of facts, facts, and more facts.

This has led to the accumulation of knowledge with more application of mind with acquiring of necessary skills in an easy to learn environment. As the iPhones and Android powered smart phones can be taken anywhere, the education continues everywhere and this helps the children learn their lessons anywhere anytime when the feel like studying through the latest iPhone Apps and Android Apps. Thus the iPhone Apps and Android Apps have led to a vast amount of mobile application development are making the learning an easy and enjoyable experience for the children of the present days.

Samsung Galaxy film version of the Android Tab


Samsung finally revealed Galaxy Tab Tablet PC running Android 2.2, that sales will begin in October in Europe. Starting dates in the U.S. has not been disclosed. The tablets can be used to surf the Internet, watch movies, read books, GPS navigation, and even make phone calls, according to Samsung. Galaxy card has a 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels, and the Cortex A8 processor, 1 GHz with 16 GB of integrated memory. There is also a microSD card slot that can expand the capacity of 32 GB with another.

higher resolution compared to the Android-based smartphone is compatible with about 85 percent to 90 percent of the applications on the Android Market, according to Samsung. The company is also working with the creators of some of the most popular applications that do not work to help them transform their applications, it said.


screen is based on TFT AMOLED instead, which uses Samsung on some of its smartphones. Concession was made in order to reduce product costs and improve battery life, which should last up to eight hours, according to Samsung. The front is a 1.3-megapixel camera for video calls or conference calls and on the back of a 3-megapixel camera with LED lamp. Card weighs 380 grams and is 19 cm by 12 cm by 1.2 cm.

tablets lower weight and the ability to make phone calls are two main advantages over IPAD Apple, Samsung said. Galaxy card is a product used in motion and to IPAD is a living room, Samsung said. IPAD has a 9.7-inch touchscreen and weighs up to 730 grams.

To date, Samsung does not want to comment on pricing, but tablets will be sold by entities with grants, and monthly plans.

Users can connect to the Internet using HSPA(High Speed Packet Access) speeds up to 7.2Mbps(download) or 5.76Mbps(upload) or even higher speeds over 802.11n Wi-Fi. When not surfing the web, users can watch movies in various formats, including DivX, Xvid, WMV, and MPEG-4.

The fact that the card is based on the Android version 2.2 means that the Adobe Flash 10.1. Other programs include the board of the Samsung TouchWiz User Interface 3.0 In addition to Android Social Hub, the application retrieves messages from different social networks in one place. Samsung TouchWiz developed Social Hub of its smartphones.

card also comes with the hub access to books, magazines, newspapers, music and movies. The latter will only be available in the U.S.. Samsung Layar install, increased use of reality and Swype, which allows users to enter text on the touch screen by sliding their finger from one letter to another on a virtual keyboard as well. For users who do not like the virtual keyboard, Samsung will also offer hardware keyboard as an accessory.

Galaxy is the first card, but not the last film by a Infinix phone, which expects to start a family of products in different price ranges and sizes. In addition, the card will receive an update gingerbread Galaxy, which is the next version of Android.


South Korean-giant Samsung seems to fall in love with worldwide business-community. You’ll also realize this fact, if cast a glance over the amazing specs of its much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S 2.A follow-up to Samsung Galaxy S (March 2010), this device is expected to come pretty soon in the second quarter of 2011. Galaxy S2 has been termed by the techno-critics as the world’s thinnest smartphone. It’s the first device, in which 4 new Samsung ‘Hub’ apps Social Hub, Readers Hub, Music Hub & Game Hub have been combined together. Samsung has enriched this handset with large numbers of business-oriented features, which make it a wonderful treat for the business-folk.The sizzling attributes of this device,which are certain to capture the attention of businessmen are undermentioned:

Enjoy A Safe Access To Your Business Resources

With most extensive mobile implementation of Exchange ActiveSync, you can safely access on a Microsoft Exchange server and keep yourself updated with your emails, calendars, contacts and task sync. You can also enjoy a real-time communication with employee phones to configure the settings remotely, monitor in conformation with policies, guarantee the safety of sync data and wipe or lock the managed phones.

Experience Full Safety Without Sacrificing Speed & Functionality

Samsung Galaxy S2 is the first Android smartphone, which adopts powerful encrypted hardware, minimizes the use of security software and applies encryption technology to the hardware itself, thus enhancing the security protection and providing you a superb performance.

Easy-To-Use Encrypted Network Connectivity


Now you can revel in VPN (Virtual Private Network), even while on the go. With Cisco’s AnyConnect you can access to business email, a virtual desktop session, or other Android apps via a reliable & easy-to-deploy encrypted network .

Feel The Benefits Of MDM (Mobile Device Management)

The miracles of both Sybase and Samsung are now at your hand! You can wipe away the management & security concerns faced while using Android gadgets. You can safely access to enterprise assets as the handset can now extend corporate security policies to Samsung Android platform.

Participate In Business Meetings While On The Go

Now you can take part in any corporate meeting irrespective of being out and about. Galaxy S2 has initiated the exclusive feature of WebEx meeting from the dialer & contacts screens. Moreover, with Cisco WebEx support, a safe and online meeting is just a tap away. You can also view shared desktops, browsers, apps and docs with live annotations.

Thus Galaxy S2 has been designed for serious enterprise usage. This true business phone can be attained through striking and cheapest Samsung Galaxy S2 Deals, which are available on the stores of all the leading networks including Vodafone, T-mobile, Virgin, Orange and many more.

Motorola Backflip Android Phone


Android mobile phones are the future of mobile technology and every company is vying for attention in the market with the latest models of cell phones. Android phones are supposed to be smart, sleek and super-fast, allowing the user to multi-task.

The latest release from Motorola will enable you to stream the photos, tweets, status updates of you and your friends through the happenings widget available on its home screen. With the presence of Motoblur in this mobile, you will be able to synchronize your accounts in facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Motorola Backflip is all packed with unconventional features. The 5 MP camera with auto focus, which automatically focus on the main portion. So, no need for manual focus. Moreover, it includes geo-tagging and picture editing software. Geo-tagging is applicable for GPS enabled handsets, as, it allows association of captured pictures with geographical location.


The Motorola Backflip is jam packed with features. The extras alone are worth drooling over. It has a five mega pixel camera with auto focus and image editing software plus geo tagging. Aside from that, multimedia playback on this mobile phone supports all sorts of file formats. For audio, this phone will play back AAC, AAC+, AAC+ Enhanced, AMR NB, MIDI, MP3 and WAV file formats.

Motorola places great trust in Android and has announced that it is going to release more Android-based products next year. Banking on Google’s fledgling yet very promising mobile phone OS could be in the right direction. The Android offers great customization features that appeal to the independent spirit of many smart phone users.

Apart from downloading useful applications from Android market, you will also be able to download a large number of latest applications from Google. This is possible because this mobile phone is using Android as its platform. It signifies that the users of this mobile will be able to enjoy the benefits of Google maps, Mail, talk, integrated GPS etc. The internal memory of the DEXT is 1GB. You can extend it up to 32 GB by using a microSD card.

Aside from the brand association, the Motorola Droid has some excellent features. Not only is it a touch screen, but it also has a physical qwerty keyboard, giving it the best of both worlds. The touch screen rivals the iPhone, and makes the first Blackberry Storm look silly. The Droid is just a tad thicker than the iPhone, though it is actually a bit narrower. The screen has a high resolution, which makes multimedia functionality quite impressive.

Users will find Verizon’s 3G service an added bonus, especially when using YouTube. But the reception is bothersome; the 3G reception is below par at times, and you might be forced to switch to Wi-fi. This is a big downside; that said, the positives of the Motorola Droid phone outweigh its negatives.

Even if doesn’t have iPhone’s smart and glossy look, and it can’t really be considered an iPhone slayer, the Droid is only the first device out of a future numerous family, and this can only mean a tougher competition on the smartphone market.

This new Infinix Smartphone released from Motorola, the Backflip has a unique form factor; the full QWERTY keyboard is hinged to the back of the phone and flips out from the back for messaging support. The phones facia is covered primarily by the very responsive 3.1inch HVGA touch screen with built-in accelerometer and though the Backflip runs only the 1.5 version of Android it can be upgraded to the 2.1 version. As expected the MotoBlur overlay supplies various outlets for social networking and the phones speedy web connectivity delivers brilliant support to the web browser.

The touch QWERTY back flip form factor has been introduced by Motorola to create a user experience unique to there phones, the Flipout offers a similar experience. The Backflip has a distinctive navigation panel on the back which can be used in landscape mode when messaging or browsing; it is called BackTrack; it allows you to navigate around the screen with an unobstructed view of what is going on. The intuitive interface allows you to customise the widgets and applications made readily available from the home screen, widgets representing social networking and messaging, widgets for news, media and web services, they can all be brought to the surface for instant access from the home screen.

The Android operating system which is powered by Google brings a number of Google perks with it; navigation and location services are covered by Google Maps and the phone comes with YouTube integration so you can view and upload videos at your leisure. Other Google services scatter themselves throughout the Backflip’s messaging features; Gmail is just one of the compatible e-mail accounts you can manage from the device, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail are also in the collection and with Exchange Synch compatibility you can handle your business inboxes too. Instant Messaging has been taken care of also, Google Talk and Windows Live are a couple of the compatible IM providers you can use.


Along with the Backflip’s messaging and e-mailing capabilities the MotoBlur user interface supplies some pretty good social network coverage; MotoBlur gathers together and neatly streams all of your communications; Facebook updates, tweets from Twitter buddies, messages and e-mails this application is called “Happenings”. Your MySpace account can also be managed and you can upload photos taken on the in-house 5 mega pixel digital camera to any and all of your online social networks. Both Facebook and Twitter can be managed from the web browser, profile updates, status updates and tweeting are all made easy on the mobile optimised sites. The Google based web browser is assisted by both Wi Fi and 3G network technologies, they both deliver brilliant signals and high speed connections, and the general browsing experience is pretty good with the basic browsing controls being easy to master.

The Motorola Backflip as mentioned has a digital camera with a 5 mega pixel lens; it will take photos and videos to a reasonable standard and you can take advantage of the sharing features so you can show the world your work. The media player can tackle many audio and video formats with mp3, mpeg-4 and wav just a few, the 3.5mm jack lets you plug in your own headphones for personal listening and the Bluetooth technology means you can share your stuff with friends via wireless connectivity.

The Motorola Backflip boasts many great features and with the Android Market available you can add to these with apps for games, gizmos and other useful software. The Backflip has some stiff competition in its own ranks from the Motorola Flipout but it should do well as it is a little more accessible.

Infinix Note 2 review: FIVE things you need to learn before buy Note 2 from Kenyan store

You have probably heard about the Infinix Note 2 that has every Kenyan talking about, when it made its first landing in the country, people like me who owned Tecno smartphones knew very well that that was the phone at the top of the food chain, the price was friendly, the specs were too good and the design was something to behold, with such a phone, you didn’t even have to think about anything that would out compete it in Kenya.

Infinix Note 2

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Infinix Note 2 came with a noise that could not be easily ignored, just like the mosquito that buzzes into your ear and makes you either want to kill it or make it go away. That was the kind of noise that Infinix smartphones came with. Well, we couldn’t kill it nor make it go away so we had to stay with it until it became a common house hold name in Kenya.  It is a fairly good phone that gives you a place on the table with other high tech smartphones. The price is good, specs are also great and it’s improving on the design each day. One such phone is the Infinix Note 2. It made an entrance not so long ago but has become the talk of town; let us take a look at some of the specs that make it the Infinix phone of the year.


Display of Infinix Note 2

If you are thinking of a big screen, then think Infinix Note 2, it comes with a 6.0 inches display. Truth be told, Kenyans love smartphones with large screens and thus this makes it the phone that they would not want to miss in their collection. The screen gives you the multi-touch ability and has 16 million colors, how good can that be! That translates to clarity in all your images, Kenyans who love travelling with their headphones and a movie on their screen, Infinix Note 2 is the ultimate Infinix smartphone that gives you that kind of privilege.


4G connectivity

The Infinix Note 2 runs on both 4G and 3G connectivity, this is where the difference comes in. this Infinix smartphone is available in either 1GB RAM or 2GB RAM, if you go for the one with a 2GB RAM, you get to roll on the 4G network which is super fast and cool, it transforms every imagination that you have ever had on speed to reality. For Kenyans who simply need a good Infinix smartphone and speed does not bother them,  Infinix Note 2 which runs on the 1GB RAM gives you a 3G connectivity which will serve quite well.  This is something that makes this phone the coolest Infinix smartphone in Kenya at the moment and is the same model that gives you a lot of freedom of choice.

Customer’s Voice



Kenya Android

Infinix Note 2 runs on the 5.1 Android version, it might not be the most recent Android version but it has some of the coolest features.  Kenya power will guarantee to always give you a setback when it comes to electricity and when this happens, you can comfortably turn on the ultra power mode which is one of the features of this Android version. With the ultra power mode your battery life is extended to up to twice the time it will be on. It is super fast and you get great apps that are updated on your phone. Now you know why you need this Infinix smartphone if you don’t have one already.


32GB Memory of Infinix

The Infinix Note 2 has an internal memory of 16GB which is absolutely a dream come true to most Kenyans who have to face the constant frustrations of buying fake memory cards. In the case where you might need to get a memory card, it can be expandable to a capacity of 32GB of which I doubt whether you might even need to buy one. As I had mentioned earlier, you have the option of choosing between a 1GB or 2GB RAM. The higher the RAM the faster the smartphone but you will have to part with some extra shillings. If you are not able to do it, then worry not as the 1GB RAM will also give a smooth interface and switching between apps will not be much of a hustle. Plus there is not a lot that you will miss out.


Camera of Infinix

Remember the days when every Kenyan had an album to keep memories in form of hardcopy photos? Those days have been completely forgotten with the revolution of the smartphones technology. Infinix, and in this case Note 2, has made most Kenyans manage their memories in their gallery. People need a smartphone with a clear and high quality camera; the Infinix Note 2 gives you exactly what you need, a 16MPrear and a 2MP front camera gives you images that you will look at ten years down the line and miss the phone that took those images. Images taken during the day are super clear. With abundant light you will get images that are very decent. Although this might not be the case when you need to take photos under low light intensity with your Infinix Note 2, they might appear to be less sharp but you can get away with that.


Battery of Infinix Note 2

This is the point that makes this Infinix smartphone a part of every Kenyan. The high capacity battery in the Infinix Note 2 just takes this phone to a whole new level. It comes with a 4040 mAh battery capacity which is enough to take you for a whole 24 hour with maximum use and 48 hours if the phone is under normal usage. You can now forget the days that you had to stop gaming or you had to turn off your data just because you are travelling and you don’t want your phone to go off before you get to your destination. The Infinix Note 2 gives Kenyans the power to fully utilize every application and function that the phone comes with. Its charging rate is very high and within little time you are good to go for long hours without having to worry that your phone will go low on power.

Other features

Other features that make the Infinix Note 2 a smartphone worth having is that if you are into digital painting or you would love to get into it or even if you love doing it for fun, this Infinix phone will certainly give you that kind of experience. The colors are true and you might as well be the next digital painter of our time. The large screen makes it easy for you to create documents with Microsoft office as well as going through them, it is as easy as ABC and the screen complements all that. Infinix Note 2 comes with an elegant design that makes this phone your stylish companion. It has curves that makes it fit into your pocket comfortably and its made of a material that will remain new for a very long time to maintain its elegance. Infinix Note 2 comes with active voice cancellation as well as preloaded applications that save you the hustle of having to personally load them


Price of Infinix Note 2

Infinix note 2 has a price range of between 13,000 and 15, 000 Ksh depending on where you buy your phone. The more expensive one is the one that has a 2GB RAM. Most of the shops that sell the Infinix smartphones in Kenya might at times be too expensive as compared to buying it on the online platform. The competition in the online businesses in Kenya is what makes it possible for you to get the Infinix Note 2 at an affordable price. My take is that you should do some window shopping and compare the prices before you settle on the place where you are going to buy one.


Infinix Note 2 is a nice smartphone worth having, considering the price that it comes with. It has incredible features that  give it a fair competing ground with smartphones such as Samsung that have rocketed prices. Apart from the camera whose mages are dependent on the quality of light, every other aspect of this smartphone is cool, with a design that just kills it.

The battery will come a long way in saving most Kenyans the hustles that they have to go through every time there is no power. As a matter of fact I think that this battery is something that makes this phone have an edge over most of the Infinix smartphones in Kenya. If you haven’t settled for a smartphone by now, it will be worth it if you take a thought on the Infinix Note 2. Don’t forget to do a price check as you buy this phone, I will guarantee you that you will have a great time with this Infinix smartphone as we wait for the next big thing that will come our way with the Infinix brand.

Nokia N900 Mobile Phone Review


Nokia_N900-2The Nokia N900 is a portable internet gadget and smart phone, from Nokia based on the maemo platform, superseding the N810(As Nokia N800 and Nokia N810 were criticized about the big sizes, it seems the N900 will be a bit smaller, just like iPhone, with a 3.5? screen). It runs maemo Linux 5 as its default OS and is the first Nokia mobile based upon the TI OMAP3 microprocessor. The Nokia N900 is the first Maemo gadget to include mobile functionality (GSM and 3G) unlike the internet tablets. It functions as a 5 MP cam, the music and video player, and a portable internet tool with mailing and web browsing resource. Stay online anywhere in worl with cellular connectivity over HSPA for broadband and you can do photo sharing with hi-def cam – imaging and photo-sharing. When it comes to storage capacity, Nokia may have 16GB home storage capacity, as well as a mini SDHC slot to proffer it to your wants.

Nokia Maemo platform:

Maemo is a higher Linux-based mobile OS designed to run on high-end cell computers. Maemo is an open platform that runs on open devices. It has Linux at its core, but Maemo also has heaps of other software components maintained by communities of open-source developers. The platform is based on well-known technologies that are generally used in the free software commune. Best of all, you can benefit from the work has done by other developers as quickly as you take your Maemo device out of the box. Being an open-source platform, it enables the community to freely to modulate and continuously develop software to give added meaning to all Maemo users.

Detailing mechanism description:

The Nokia N900 brings the strength of notebook to mobile device. It’s a high performance portable notebook mobile with superior Maemo 5 software on Linux. Explore Nokia N900 features like multitasking on a live Dashboard, wide screen video capture, 3,5″ WVGA touch screen (800 x 480 pixels), QWERTY keypad and private sable panorama desktop. The Nokia N900 also features 1 GB of application memory and up to 48GB of storage. Maemo browser is powered by Mozilla Technology and includes Adobe Flash 9.4 and full AJAX support. Wi-Fi and 3.5G connectivity provides abstain access to Internet. Capture high quality photos and wide display videos using 5Mpix camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Tag photos and browse them using the tag cloud, and see where images were taken with the automated geo-tagging. Merge your phone book, Skype contacts and other contacts into an all-in-one address book. And genuinely, N900 has a mobile application for voice calls.

Availability and worth:


The Nokia N900 was launched in markets from October 2009 with an estimated retail worth of EUR 500 in UK market without sales taxes and subsidies. The Nokia N900 will be displayed at Nokia World, Stuttgart, on September 2.


Unlike other mobiles from Nokia which work on the Symbian OS, the N900 operates on a Linux based OS named Maemo 5, which emphasizes on the statement that the N900 smart phone will work more like a mobile laptop. The descision to switch to Linux as the OS makes the N900 a potential contender to give the Google’s Android and the iPhone from Apple a fierce competition. The widescreen is more like the desktop of your home computer. Also, there can be multiple desktops called the panoramic desktop which lets you have your widgets, daily schedules, and shortcuts to applications that you necessity at one single place. The access to these multiple desktops is made possible by the Dashboard, which is more of a live task switcher. This means that the customer can view 1all the messages, conversations, chats, and every web space that is open with the press of a release button. Besides this, all these can be open simultaneously.

Sony Ericsson txt pro


The release of Sony Ericsson txt pro adds another phone to the long list of phones that are targeted at tapping into the market created by social networking phenomenon. So, being a feature phone with a touchscreen, it’s bound to be compared with the Android phones from the low end category. Is it going to be able to win the masses especially with such comparisons?


The Sony Ericsson txt pro comes with a 3 inch screen that is scratch resistant. However, it has a resolution of only 240 x 400 pixels. Measuring 3.66 x 2.05 x 0.71 inches, it’s not exactly one of the thinnest phones out there. Nevertheless, it weighs just 100g, so it won’t be such a hassle to carry around. Although the phone gives a plastic feeling when held, given all the plastic material used to build it, it is still however built to last. The 4-row QWERTY keyboard that slides out from the side is relatively small but the keys are well spaced, so not much to worry there. On the front and bottom of the screen, is the home button that is in the shape of a semi circle. It has become a Sony Ericsson trademark now to include that button, and the one on this phone is big and easy to press too. On the top is the power and lock button. On the right is the volume rocker button as well as the dedicated button for the camera. Meanwhile, the back reveals the 3.2MP fixed focus camera and the trademark Sony Ericsson logo and name. The slide sliding mechanism is definitely a highlight to the design as it makes you want to open and close it as many times as possible. Even then, it didn’t feel like it would just come off in pieces. However, each time u slide the keyboard out, there is a loud clicking noise to be heard, so you can forget about texting while in a meeting.



Sony Ericsson txt pro is a feature phone, which is important that you have that in mind before starting all sorts of software comparisons with Android. This phone comes with the Touch UI which is pretty basic in many ways. The capacitive touch screen was a real downer. It took a while before it responds to your touch, every time. The Sony Ericsson txt pro comes with a QWERTY keyboard, so it’s only smart that you make full use of it, and that’s what Sony Ericsson has done with this phone. It has provided rich messaging applications. The Friends app is perhaps also worth a mention in an otherwise normal UI. This app tries to provide some integration with the social networking world as no stand alone Facebook app is available on this phone. So you grant the app access to your Facebook account and from then onwards you can start contacting your friends through Facebook. It also shows your five top contacts with a big icon. There is a reason why this UI is called corner Touch UI, there are four icons in the four corners of the screen. In the middle you find the three home screens that are side scrollable. The Sony Ericsson txt pro rather oddly, lacks functions like copy, paste or move.

As mentioned previously, the phone comes with a 3.2MP fixed-focus camera, adding to the low megapixel is the fact that there is no flash. If you were planning on taking the picture of a pretty girl walking past you, you might want to think again with this phone as you can’t disable the shutter sound. However, the camera button on the phone definitely helps us to snap pictures quickly. This camera on the Sony Ericsson txt pro is really basic without any customizable options provided, however it takes good photos with a good attention for detail. Moving on to the video side of things, we realize the 320 x 240 pixels recording quality wasn’t good enough as we can only view it clearly on the phone itself.


The Sony Ericsson txt pro has support for GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi. However, what Sony left out was 3G support, and this move might leave them with a few less buyers. The Internet browser that comes with the phone was terrible as it has to load some pages on many subpages as it can’t fit them all into the tiny 3 inch screen. For those who want better Internet browsing out of this phone, then Opera Mini might be a brilliant idea. The QWERTY keyboard is a reason to cheer for those Facebook and Twitter fans but then again, there’s no stand alone app for those two social networking sites so you have to rely on a rather bad browser to update your status.

A feature phone like this Sony Ericsson txt pro has to have good call quality as that’s what it’s primarily required to do. However, we are once again let down by this phone as the microphone had really bad audio quality while our friends on the other end also said they came across a lot of noise. The 1000mAh battery that comes with the Sony Ericsson txt pro is more than enough. This is mainly due to the small screen size. Average use of the phone can get you three days of uninterrupted use before needing a recharge.

Pros and Cons


The QWERTY keyboard was really a plus point for this phone. Besides, Sony Ericsson txt pro comes at an affordable price.

The interface that lags almost all the time was   a real turn off, and the browser needs some major rework. Customization on the Sony Ericsson txt pro is almost nonexistent. Adding on to this is the fact that you can’t connect to 3G.


As mentioned numerous times in this review, the Sony Ericsson txt pro is a feature phone, so that’s what is to be expected. It’s got all a phone needs, so it’s a safe buy for those who use their phone mainly for making calls and some light internet use.